Bricklayers do so much more than just build houses. There are lots of handy services that they offer for both domestic and commercial clients. That’s why Trades Directory have put together a list of excellent bricklayers who have qualifications such as NVQs, and lots of experience in the industry.


Bricklaying is a complex skill, and it’s important to these jobs carried out by the professionals. Here are some of the services your local bricklayer might offer.

New builds

One of the main jobs of a bricklayer is to create new structures. This could include:

  • Working on new builds
  • Building brick outbuildings such as garden rooms and orangeries
  • Building walls
  • Adding porches
  • Adding extensions

It’s important that these structures are built to the highest standards, so they can stand up to weather changes, and last for as long as they are needed. By using a qualified and experienced bricklayer, you can enjoy greater peace of mind.


Building improvements

Whether you want to change the layout of your home, convert a loft, knock-through an old wall, or add a brick fireplace, there’s a huge number of tasks that bricklayers can take on.

They often assist on chimney repairs and re-pointing, and will sometimes also offer roofing work. You may also find bricklayers who offer patios, driveways, fencing, and other similar home improvements, making it easy to makeover your home both inside and out.


Some bricklayers also offer groundworks as part of their services, and this generally includes any sort of work to do with drainage. This could mean digging a foundation, storm drainage, ditching, and soakaways.

They may also hire out diggers of all sizes for DIY jobs. Proper groundwork will ensure that any structures built are as safe and sturdy as possible, and a good local bricklayer will know about potential issues such as flooding in the area.

If you’re looking for a local bricklayer, then browse the list on Trades Directory to find the right one for your job. We list dozens of great bricklayers, so you can shop around for quotes, and get the best price to suit you.