Gardens have many uses, from being a place for children to play, to being a place to dine and socialise. However, many people simply don’t make the most of their outdoor space. Hiring a landscaper can be an excellent way to overhaul your garden, and means you can enjoy a space that has been properly designed with your needs in mind.


It doesn’t matter whether you have acres of land, an average suburban garden, or just a small courtyard, finding a landscaper will make a big difference to how you use your garden. That’s why Trades Directory have put together a list of some of the best landscapers in the UK, so you can find someone reliable to carry out your work.

Landscaping services

Landscapers carry out a wide range of services, from designing to overhauling your garden, and some of them will also carry out regular maintenance.

Some of the services that a landscaper might carry out include:

  • Garden re-designs
  • Adding decking and fencing
  • Laying patios and paving
  • Adding ponds and water features
  • Choosing suitable plants for your garden
  • Maintenance and upkeep – i.e. mowing lawn and pruning shrubs
  • Felling or trimming trees
  • Weed control

Domestic and commercial landscaping

While most people hire landscapers to tend to their own gardens, some landscapers specialise in landscaping for commercial properties.

This can include upkeep of lawns and shrubs outside your office building, or maintenance of sports fields in schools, gyms, and public areas.

This is often the easiest way to look after outdoor spaces in the workplace, and means you can create a great first impression when people visit.

Nobody wants to see overgrown greenery and neglected lawns when they come to a meeting in your workplace, so it’s worth booking regular visits from a landscaper to keep things neat.

Hard landscaping

The main difference between a landscaper and a gardener is that landscapers offer services to shape your garden.

Hard landscaping includes adding gravel, driveways, fencing, and much more, so they can completely makeover your outdoor space.

You might want to make a square, uninspired garden look more interesting, or add a patio for dining or sunbathing.

Whatever you’re looking to do in your garden, the odds are a landscaper will be able to help you.


Trades Directory list landscapers in the UK that work both locally and nationally. If you’re looking for a garden makeover, or just an individual service, give some of these companies a try.